• 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia

    Below are my own list of Top 10 Malaysian Bloggers (10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia).  This list is made up of blogs from Malaysia that I feel worthy of being in the top 10.  It is neither based on popularity, number of followers, seniority (keotaian), nor it is based on how much money they’ve earned from blogging.

    10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia

    Here they are the 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia (in random order):

    • Denaihati (denaihati.com) - a multi-niche blog which holds contests and giveaways on regular basis, giving out out great prizes unmatched anywhere in the blogosphere. Denaihati blogs not just for the sake of blogging; he use it for branding, networking and marketing.

    • Abang Tam (abangtam.blogspot.com) - a daily journal of a Malaysian, starting anew after being deported back to Malaysia after serving a detention due to living illegally in the U.S.A. This blog is the continuation of his previous blogs. One of those is joedendamperantau.blogspot.com which blogs about his life as a “bangla” (illegal resident), starting from how he became one, his life afterwards, right until he was detained by the authority. My all-time favorite blog.

    • Chedet (chedet.cc) - the blog of Malaysia’s ex Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad. Always vocal, critical and never afraid to speak up his mind.

    • Supermeng Malaya (supermengmalaya.blogspot.com) - Supermeng travels just like we mortals do, but he blogs about it. A travel blog with lots of travelogues, lots of destinations and lots of photos.

    • GreenLava (bloggersentral.com/)- a blog about blogging, with readership from all over the world, not just Malaysia. Contains lots of Blogger tutorials and widgets, that are presented in a simple and step by step manner.  You can also find tips on blogging, SEO, traffic generation etc. here.

    • Al-lavendari (al-lavendari.blogspot.com) - a blog by a government servant retiree. Telling his stories in a casual and humorous way. What I like most about this blog is the blog life experience from days gone by, complete with lots of scanned pictures.

    • Titan (earncent.com/blog/) - as hinted by the domain name this blog is about making money online. The owner mostly blogs about money making tips and also income updates from his online exploits. Visit this blog if you are looking for money making tips, motivation, humor and of course cendol.

    • Paul Tan (paultan.org) - the number one automotive blog in Malaysia. THE source of Malaysian car news and reviews, certainly deserves to be included in the 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia list.

    • Ben Ashaari (benashaari.com) - a tough guy with a soft heart, a blogger with many original ideas. If you are a Malaysian blogger, then you probably know more about him than I do so I’m gonna shut up now :)

    • Dato Sri Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak (1Malaysia.com.my) - I hardly visit this blog so I’m not going to comment on its content. What impresses me about this blog is its PageRank. The blog has a nearly impossible PageRank of PR9, that’s why I’ve added it to the list. It must be due tons of backlinks from .gov.my and .edu.my sites.


    Ummi Hanie said...


    kebanyakannya masih belum saya terokai...

    rasa mcm nak join pula contest SEO ni.

    gudluck ya ;)

    Slik said...

    Masih sempat lagi kalau nak join.

    Lizz said...

    macam nak join pulak tapi dah lambat ni kalau nak bersaing. huhuhu

    MK Kimi said...

    dari 10 tu, 4 blog je pernah jejak..anyway, good luck!


    MaYa MustWany said...

    memang terbaekkk (^_^)nn

    AUC said...

    moga berjaya
    memang semua tu yg terbaik

    Denaihati said...

    semoga berjaya untuk contest SEO 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia ohcikgu.com. Billion terima kasih denaihati.com berada dalam senarai 10 terbaik yer.

    al- lavendari said...

    semoga berjaya !

    cer singgah blog ini pulak .. kalau tak puas hati, wang anda tidak dikembalikan. hehe


    Yas y said...

    Semoga terus berjaya diucapkan kpd owner blog!!!!

    10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia

    wazy said...

    good luck :-)

    Mebel Jatim said...

    wah keren juga nih..bole juga dong mampir

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